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El Camp Nou

El Camp Nou

El Camp Nou, sometimes wrongly called Nou Camp, is a sports area belonging to Barcelona Football Club. It was inaugurated on the 24th of September 1957 and is located in the district of Les Corts in the city of Barcelona.

It is the stadium with the biggest capacity in Europe and the fifth in the world, with the actual capacity of 99.354 spectators and is catalogues by UEFA with the highest distinction as the so-called “elite stadium”. The premises of Camp Nou host the official headquarters of Barcelona Football Club, administrative offices, the museum “Museu del F. C. Barcelona” – the museum of the club – the most visited of Catalonia. Besides, el Camp Nou is the main piece of the complex, which also hosts the “Mini Estadi”, a football stadium with the capacity of 20.000 places, where football matches of the club’s trainees take place, “La Masía”, a residence where the youngest sports people of the club live and the “Palau Blaugrana”, a multifunction pavilion for 8.000 spectators, where players of basketball, handball, ice hockey and indoor football play their matches.

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